Music Theory Templates

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of resources for music theory. Whether you're a beginner looking to understand the fundamentals or an experienced musician seeking to deepen your knowledge, our music theory charts are here to guide you every step of the way.

Unlock the mysteries of music with our Circle of Fifths Cheat Sheet. Explore key signatures, chord progressions, and harmonic relationships effortlessly. Take the guesswork out of playing chords with our Blank Fingering Chart, designed to help you find the perfect finger placements on various instruments.

Looking to expand your musical repertoire? Look no further than our D'addario Capo Chart. Discover how to transpose chords with ease and truly make a song your own. If you're interested in specific songs, our Zambezi Sheet Music and Chords will provide you with all the information you need to play them flawlessly.

For quick reference, our Music Theory Key Signatures Cheat Sheet is an invaluable tool. Master the subtleties of key signatures, intervals, and scales in no time. With our collection of music theory resources, you'll be able to analyze, compose, and play music with confidence.

Explore the wide range of music theory resources available, from comprehensive charts to concise cheat sheets. Take your musical skills to the next level and unravel the mysteries of music theory like never before with our extensive collection of music theory resources.

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This document provides a list of common mandolin chords in movable voicings. It is a helpful resource for mandolin players looking to expand their chord vocabulary.

This cheat sheet provides an easy way to practice and memorize the circle of fifths, a useful tool for ear training and understanding music theory.


This document provides a reference chart for major scales and key signatures. It helps musicians understand the notes and key signatures of different major scales.

This document provides a chart for the major scale in B-flat for trombone and baritone in bass clef.

This document provides a chart that shows the fingering for playing the harmonic minor scale on a musical instrument.

This document is a visual guide that shows the different finger positions and combinations needed to play specific notes on a trumpet. It is a helpful tool for trumpet players to learn and remember the correct fingerings for different musical pitches.


This document provides a blank template of a fingering chart for various musical instruments. It can be used for students and musicians to fill in the fingerings for specific notes on their instrument.

This document is a guitar key transposing chart created by New Creation Ministries. It helps musicians change the key of a song when playing on the guitar.

This document provides a sheet for Grade 6 trumpet scales. It helps trumpet players practice and master the required scales for this specific grade level.

This document is a visual reference guide that shows the fingerings for playing different notes on a trombone. It helps trombone players learn and remember the correct finger positions to produce the desired pitches.

This document provides a sheet for senior flute players to practice and review their scales. It is a helpful tool for musicians looking to improve their flute-playing skills.

This document is a practice sheet for junior players learning the scales on the French Horn. It helps them to improve their skills and mastery of the instrument.

This document is a ukulele chord chart for the song Blueberry Hill. It provides the finger placements for each chord used in the song.

This document provides a chart of ukulele chord diagrams for the song "End of the World".

This document is a chord chart specifically for the Julianne Ukulele. It provides diagrams and instructions for playing different chords on the ukulele.

This document provides a ukulele chord chart for playing the song "Wichita Lineman" by Jimmy Webb.

This document is a ukulele chord chart for the song "Yidl Mitn Fidl". It provides the chord diagrams and finger positions for playing the song on the ukulele.

This sheet provides a 2-octave major scale for the tuba, along with a full range chromatic scale. It helps tuba players practice and familiarize themselves with these scales.

This document provides ukulele chord charts for the song "But I Do (I Don't Know Why I Love You)" by Paul Gayten and Bobby Charles. It's perfect for musicians looking to learn this tune on their ukulele.

This document provides a chord chart for Scott Joplin's piano piece "Solace". It shows the different chords that can be played throughout the song.

This document provides a template for a key signature chart. Use this template to track and organize different key signatures in music.

This document for musicians learning to play the cello. It provides a visual representation of finger placement on the cello's fingerboard for different notes.

This document provides sheet music for the song "What the World Needs Now."

This sheet music and chords are for the song "Zambezi".

This document is a cheat sheet that provides an overview and reference for using figured bass notation in classical music theory.

This document provides a cheat sheet for understanding and identifying non-harmonic tones in music. It offers a helpful reference guide for musicians and music students.

This document is a cheat sheet for understanding and using augmented sixth chords in music theory. It provides a quick reference guide with examples and explanations to help you master augmented sixth chords.

This document provides a cheat sheet for understanding and memorizing key signatures in music theory. It can help musicians quickly identify the key of a piece and understand the sharps or flats used in that key.

This document is a reference sheet for music theory principles and concepts. It provides a brief overview of key elements such as notes, chords, scales, and intervals. Use it as a handy guide for understanding the fundamentals of music theory.

This document provides sheets for trumpet and baritone players to practice major scales in the key of C with flats and sharps.

This document provides a comprehensive fingerboard chart for advanced viola players. It serves as a useful reference for positioning and playing different notes on the instrument.

This document provides a visual chart of piano scales, helping musicians learn and practice different scales on the piano.


This document is a Nashville Number System and Transposition Chart. It is used for understanding and transposing music using the Nashville Number System. The chart provides a reference for transposing keys in music.

This document is a chord chart for the song "Ballad of Jesse James" in 4/4 time and the key of G. It provides the chords needed to play the song on a guitar or piano.

This type of document is a worksheet that explains and provides practice for understanding Rondo Form in music. It helps students learn how to identify and analyze different sections in a Rondo piece.

This document is a template for creating a guitar practice schedule worksheet. It can help guitar players organize and plan their practice sessions.

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