Jazz Chord Charts

Jazz chord charts are used by musicians, particularly those who play jazz music, as a reference guide for the chords used in jazz songs. These charts provide the necessary information to musicians, such as the specific chords, their voicings, and their order in a song. By using a jazz chord chart, musicians can quickly and accurately play the correct chords when performing or improvising in a jazz setting.




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This document provides a chord chart for Scott Joplin's piano piece "Solace". It shows the different chords that can be played throughout the song.

This document provides the chord chart for the song "Burgundy Street Blues" by Bernard Stutts.

This document is a chord chart for the song "Nagasaki" written by Mort Dixon and Harry Warren. It provides the chords and structure of the song for musicians to use as a reference when playing or arranging the song.


This document is a jazz chord chart for the song "When You're Smiling" by Mark Fisher. It provides the chord progressions and voicings for playing the song on a jazz instrument.

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