Empire State Templates

The Empire State documents collection, also known as the Empire State forms or Empire State credits, is a compilation of important documents and forms for various incentives and credits related to the state of New York. These documents cover a range of topics, including film post-production credits, commercial production credits, jobs retention program credits, and musical and theatrical production credits.

If you are a filmmaker or involved in the film industry, you can find valuable resources in this collection, such as the Instructions for Form IT-261 Claim for Empire State Film Post-production Credit and Form IT-246 Claim for Empire State Commercial Production Credit. These documents provide guidance on how to claim the available credits and incentives for film and commercial productions in the Empire State.

For businesses participating in the Empire State Jobs Retention Program, the Form CT-634 Empire State Jobs Retention Program Credit is an essential document. It outlines the requirements and procedures for claiming the program credit, which can help businesses retain jobs and foster economic growth in the state.

The Empire State Musical and Theatrical Production Credits are also an essential part of this documents collection. For individuals and organizations involved in the musical and theatrical production industry, the Form IT-642 (for individuals) and Form CT-642 (for organizations) provide valuable information on how to claim and utilize these credits, which can significantly benefit the industry and contribute to the cultural landscape of the Empire State.

Whether you are a filmmaker, business owner, or involved in the musical and theatrical production industry, the Empire State documents collection offers a wealth of information and resources to help you take advantage of the available credits and incentives in New York. Exploring this collection can help you navigate the intricacies of these programs and maximize the benefits they provide.




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