Food Charts

Food charts are helpful tools that provide information about different types of foods, including their nutritional content, calorie count, macronutrient composition, and sometimes even serving sizes. These charts can be used to plan balanced meals, track calorie intake, and make informed dietary choices. They are particularly useful for individuals looking to manage their weight, follow specific diets (such as low-carb or high-fiber), or address specific health concerns. Food charts can also assist in identifying foods that are high in certain nutrients or low in others, helping individuals meet their nutritional goals.




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This document is a template that can be used to track your monthly water intake. Keep track of how much water you drink each day to ensure you are staying properly hydrated.

This document is a low-carb foods chart for people following the ketogenic diet. It provides a list of foods that are low in carbohydrates, which can help with weight loss and managing blood sugar levels.

This document provides a chart that outlines different cuts of Angus beef and their corresponding characteristics. It helps consumers choose the right cut of beef for their cooking or grilling needs.

This chart displays the recommended internal temperatures for cooking various types of meat in Fahrenheit.

This document provides a high fiber food list to help you incorporate more fiber into your diet.

This document provides a chart showing the fiber content of common portion sizes of various foods. It is published by Harvard University Health Services.

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