Character Backstory Templates

Are you a role-playing enthusiast looking to add depth and dimension to your characters? Look no further than our collection of character backstory documents. Whether you're creating a heroic warrior, a cunning rogue, or a powerful mage, our diverse range of resources will help bring your character to life.

Our character backstory documents offer a variety of options to suit your gaming needs. Dive into the world of Wardlings with our specialized character sheets, designed to capture the essence of these unique and enchanting beings. Explore gender-specific character creation sheets, perfect for ensuring an authentic and personalized gaming experience. If you're a fan of the Fantasy Craft system, we have just the resources for you, allowing you to customize your character's backstory to fit seamlessly into this immersive world.

For those who prefer the nostalgic charm of older editions, we offer character sheets specifically designed for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5. With our version 2 sheet, you'll have everything you need to craft a compelling backstory that intertwines with the rich lore of this beloved game. And if you're in need of a template to guide your creativity, our Dnd Backstory Template offers a straightforward structure to help you develop a backstory that resonates with your character's motivations and goals.

Whether you're a veteran player or just starting out, our character backstory documents collection is an invaluable resource for creating memorable and engaging characters. So don't leave your character's story to chance – explore our collection today and unlock your character's full potential.




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This document is for recording and tracking the details of a character in the tabletop role-playing game called Aberrant. It includes sections for abilities, skills, equipment, and other important information.

This type of document is a character sheet for non-player characters in the game Monsterhearts. It helps keep track of important information about the characters and their abilities.

This document is a character sheet for the game "Wardlings". It is used to track and record the details of your character's abilities, stats, and equipment.

This document provides a comprehensive layout for designing and detailing characters in various settings such as books, role-playing games, or scripts. It outlines aspects like character's name, age, appearance, background, personality traits, skills, and much more.

This document is a character sheet for the tabletop role-playing game Fantasy Craft. It is used by players to record their character's abilities, stats, and equipment.

This type of document is a character sheet for the video game Shepherd's Crossing. It allows players to track and manage the attributes, abilities, and progress of their in-game character.

A DnD Backstory is a story that a player in a Dungeons & Dragons game writes to introduce the character who they are going to be representing.

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