Leave Transfer Program Templates

Are you looking to transfer your unused leave to someone in need? Look no further than our comprehensive Leave Transfer Program. Also known as the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program, this initiative allows employees to donate their accrued leave to colleagues who are facing unexpected medical emergencies or personal crises.

Our program offers a simple and streamlined process for both leave recipients and leave donors. Through Form AD-1046, recipients can apply for leave transfers while donors can submit their applications through Form AD-1043. These forms are readily available on our website, along with detailed instructions to guide you through the application process.

By participating in the Leave Transfer Program, you are contributing to a supportive and compassionate work environment. It allows eligible employees to benefit from the generosity of their colleagues, enabling them to take the time off they need to address their personal or family emergencies.

Whether you are seeking assistance or looking to offer your unused leave to someone in need, our Leave Transfer Program provides a reliable platform to facilitate these transactions. Start making a difference today by utilizing our program and making a positive impact on your colleagues' lives.




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This document provides instructions for completing the Form AD-1046 Leave Transfer Program Recipient Application. It explains how to apply for the Leave Transfer Program and outlines the necessary steps and information needed to complete the form.

This Form is used for notifying the termination of a medical emergency in the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP) at the United States Air Force Academy.

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