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Soccer Score Sheets: What Are They?

A Soccer Score Sheet is a written record of the soccer game prepared to describe the main events of the game, point out the progression of the result and the final outcome, and maintain individual statistics of players. This sheet can be composed by an official appointed to observe the teams or by a supporter that watches the game at home or goes to the stadium - keep track of every detail and later look into that information in the context of general statistics of the tournament.

See a full list of Soccer Score Sheet templates by checking out our library below. Here are some tips that will help you draft a comprehensive report of the game:

  1. If you are completing Soccer Score Sheets during a major tournament, it is necessary to distinguish one game from the other- the header area should refer to the name of the event, the date, and the venue. Insert the badges of clubs or national teams and write down the colors of their kits.
  2. To be able to review the individual performance of every player, add the information about their fouls, cards, goals, and assists next to their name in the line-up section. You should also indicate when the player leaves the field and the name of the substitute that enters the game - specify the minute it happened and add "off" and "on" respectively.
  3. Note the progression of the score during the game - at a minimum, you must state the minutes a goal was scored and the results after the first and second halves. Once the form is ready, obtain the approval of the opponents and the referee regarding the contents of the score sheet to verify its authenticity.

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This document is a blank soccer score sheet used to keep track of scores and other important information during a soccer game.


This document is used for keeping track of statistics and scores in official NCAA soccer matches.

This document is used for keeping track of scores and statistics during soccer games in the Associated Catholic Colleges league.

This document is a volleyball score sheet specifically designed for 7th and 8th-grade games. It is used to keep track of scores and statistics during the game.

This document is a soccer score sheet used to keep track of goals, penalties and other statistics during a soccer game.

This type of document is used for recording and tracking scores in a soccer game.

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