Free Baptism Invitation Templates

What Is a Baptism Invitation?

When your child has reached the age for their first baptism, you can invite your guests to celebrate this major milestone by sending a Baptism Invitation .

Alternate Names:

  • Christening Invitation;
  • Baby Baptism Invitation.

This invite can be sent to as large or small a group as you choose and should provide each guest with all the information needed for the baptism or a link to a website that will provide the information. You can also make a cheap Baptism Invitation by choosing to send it as an e-vite instead of paying for printing and stamps to send the invites by mail.

To find a full list of Baptism Invitation templates please check out our library below.

What to Write on a Baptism Invitation?

To write your own Baptism Invitation, include the following information below:

  1. The opening of the card should have “Baptism” or “Christening” in bold, large lettering at the top of the card with the child’s name.

    • The Baptism Invitation wording should be simple, with clear instructions about what the details of the baptism will be.
  2. You can include the name of the parents at the top of the invite, such as “Matthew & Mary invite you to join them for the [Baptism, in large font] of [The Child’s Name, in large font].”

    • The rest of the invite will be in a smaller font and include the important details for the event and a website link if you have made one that provides extra details.
  3. Include the date and time of the event, and where the baptism will take place.

    • If you will be holding a buffet, luncheon, or other meal after baptism list that under the baptism’s time and the location, if it is not held at the church.
  4. Provide a way for guests to RSVP to the event (either by email, phone, or online registration) and a due date you will need them to respond by.

  5. If there is a specific dress code, food requests (such as for food allergies or specific diets), or baby registry you can provide additional details by including a link to an online events page.

    • Here you can request guests wear modest or church-appropriate clothing, such as longer skirts or garments that cover the shoulders;
    • If you know some of your guests may have food allergies or follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, you can ask them to include this information when they RSVP;
    • It is also common to provide guests with a registry for the child in case they would like to bring a gift;
    • If the church where the baptism is held is large or if parking might be difficult, you can also post a map with instructions on how to easily find the location.
  6. For decorations on the invite, you can include images such as doves, flowers, a cross, or other peaceful imagery.

    • You can also include a photo of your child on the invite that will make it a wonderful keepsake of the day.

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