Illinois Department of Corrections Forms

The Illinois Department of Corrections is responsible for managing the state's prison system. Its primary purpose is to ensure the custody, care, and rehabilitation of individuals who have been convicted of crimes and sentenced to imprisonment in Illinois. The department is focused on protecting public safety, providing programs and services to support offender rehabilitation and reintegration into society, and maintaining secure and humane correctional facilities.




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This form is used for requesting the release of mental health or substance abuse treatment information of an offender in Illinois.

This form is used for obtaining permission to allow visitation of a minor child in the state of Illinois.

This document provides information about the rights of victims and witnesses in the state of Illinois. Learn about the legal protections and support available to you if you have been a victim of crime or if you have witnessed a crime.

This form is used to request a mail stop and phone restriction in the state of Illinois. It allows individuals to control the delivery of their mail and restrict access to their phone number.

This type of document provides information on the intake process for individuals entering county jails or detention centers in the state of Illinois. It includes procedures, requirements, and protocols that are followed during the admission process.

This form is used for understanding and informing victims or witnesses about their rights in Illinois. It provides important information and resources to those who have been affected by a crime.

This Form is used for collecting personal information from applicants in the state of Illinois.

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