Idaho State Police Forms

The Idaho State Police (ISP) is a law enforcement agency responsible for maintaining public safety and enforcing state laws in the state of Idaho, USA. The ISP's primary role is to provide traffic enforcement, investigate crimes, respond to emergencies, and promote public safety through proactive policing efforts. They also play a crucial role in enforcing traffic laws, conducting investigations, and assisting other law enforcement agencies in the state.




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This Form is used for conducting name-based criminal background checks in the state of Idaho. It helps employers and organizations to check the criminal history of individuals by searching for their name in the Idaho criminal records database.

This Form is used to report deaths that occur in custody in the state of Idaho.

This form is used to apply for a license to hold pari-mutuel race meetings and simulcast betting in Idaho.

This document is used for applying for a license to hold live pari-mutuel race meetings in Idaho.

This document provides information on the Death in Custody Reporting Act specifically for juvenile facilities in Idaho. It explains the requirements and procedures for reporting deaths that occur while individuals are in custody.

This document certifies completion of a training program in Idaho. It acknowledges the recipient's successful completion of the training and can be used as proof of their skills and knowledge gained.

This document is for nominating and applying for the position of Flo Fusion Liaison Officer in Idaho.

This document is used for requesting the release of an individual named Chri in the state of Idaho.

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