United States House of Representatives Forms

The United States House of Representatives is one of the two chambers of the United States Congress, with the other being the Senate. It is responsible for representing the interests of the American people at the federal level and making laws that affect the nation as a whole. The House plays a crucial role in the legislative process, including proposing and debating bills, conducting oversight of the executive branch, and initiating impeachment proceedings. Its members, known as representatives or congressmen/congresswomen, are elected by the people of their respective districts to serve two-year terms.




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This Form is used for nominating a veteran to be recognized as the Veteran of the Month in New York.

This document highlights the Financial Choice Act, which aims to provide hope and opportunities for investors, consumers, and entrepreneurs. It focuses on improving the financial industry and promoting economic growth.

This form is used for submitting requests or inquiries to U.S. Representative Mark Desaulnier for help with constituent services.


This document is a final letter addressed to the House of Representatives regarding broader immigration issues. It likely outlines key concerns, recommendations, or proposed legislation related to immigration.


This document is a statement by the administration regarding a specific bill, H.R. 4438. It provides the administration's policy position on the bill and its potential impact.

This document outlines the budget proposal put forth by the Congressional Progressive Caucus. It provides details on how they plan to allocate funds for various government programs and initiatives.

This document is a draft that lays out the standards for immigration reform. It outlines the proposed changes to immigration policies and laws in the country.


This document describes the process of repealing and replacing health-related tax policy in the United States. It provides information on changes to tax laws that impact healthcare and how they are being replaced with new policies.

This document provides a detailed overview of the "protecting Americans From Tax Hikes Act of 2015", explaining each section and its impact on taxpayers. It is a useful resource for understanding the proposed tax legislation.

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