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Welcome to our webpage dedicated to tax reform. Discover the latest developments and insights on tax reform policies, legislation, and initiatives. Stay informed about the Connecticut Pact Act, a groundbreaking legislation that aims to reform the tax system in Connecticut and enhance economic growth. Dive into "The People's Budget" presented by the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which proposes a comprehensive tax reform plan to create a fairer and more equitable tax system.

Learn about the Taxpayer Advocate Service's annual report to Congress, a vital document that provides valuable information on taxpayer rights and IRS operations. Explore the IRS Form 8993, which focuses on the Section 250 Deduction for Foreign Derived Intangible Income (FDII) and Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income (GILTI), highlighting the impact of tax reform on international businesses.

Get insights and updates on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a significant tax reform legislation passed in the United States. This landmark law introduced various changes, including tax cuts for individuals and businesses, simplification of the tax code, and provisions to boost economic growth.

Stay updated on the latest tax reform proposals, legislation, and debates. Our website is your go-to resource for understanding the complexities of tax reform and its impact on individuals, businesses, and the economy.




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This research document explores the impact of corporate tax reform on economic growth and wages. It examines how changes in corporate taxes can affect these factors.

This document outlines the budget proposal put forth by the Congressional Progressive Caucus. It provides details on how they plan to allocate funds for various government programs and initiatives.

This document provides the Annual Report to Congress from the Taxpayer Advocate Service. It addresses various issues and concerns related to taxpayer rights and offers recommendations for improvement.

This document explains the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a law in the United States that made changes to the tax code with the goal of promoting economic growth and job creation.

This document describes the process of repealing and replacing health-related tax policy in the United States. It provides information on changes to tax laws that impact healthcare and how they are being replaced with new policies.

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