U.S. Air Force - 934th Airlift Wing Forms

The U.S. Air Force - 934th Airlift Wing is a unit within the United States Air Force Reserve. Its primary role is to provide tactical airlift capabilities, including the transport of personnel, equipment, and supplies. The 934th Airlift Wing plays a crucial role in supporting domestic and international military operations, humanitarian missions, and disaster relief efforts.




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This form is used for obtaining consent from a civilian employee who may have been exposed to HIV, to undergo HIV antibody testing.

This form is used for documenting Hepatitis B vaccination for military personnel in the 934th Airlift Wing.

This form is used for lodging certification in the Air Force Training Program (AFTP) and Air Force Global Strike Training Program (AGTP).

This Form is used for submitting a request for communication or IT work. It allows you to document your request and provide necessary details for the job.

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