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The United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) allows individuals to seek help with different healthcare costs. It can be done by applying for the NHS Low Income Scheme (LIS) and receiving an HC2 Certificate or an HC3 Certificate. If individuals would like to learn more about what certificates can give them and how to apply for them, they can look through the HC2 Application Forms developed by the NHS:

  1. Form HC11, Help With Health Costs. This booklet informs individuals about the free medical treatment provided by the NHS in England, who can apply for it, and how to receive help if individuals have low income.
  2. Form HC12, Help With Health Costs. This guide provides individuals with details about health costs and other charging arrangements in England.

What Is an HC2 Certificate?

An HC2 Certificate is a document that allows its owner to get help from the NHS with covering their healthcare expenses. After receiving this certificate, the individual can get help through NHS LIS which covers various payments, such as dental fees, eye care costs, healthcare travel expenses, etc. The certificate provides help not only to its owner but to their dependant children and partner as well.

An HC2 Form is valid for a certain period of time. After it expires, the individual can apply for renewal the same way they applied for it the first time. If the individual has lost or damaged their certificate, they can contact the NHS and they will send a replacement.

The certificate consists of several parts, where the individual can find an extended list of healthcare services the certificate covers. Here, they will also find details on how to apply for the certificate so that it would cover their healthcare expenses.

How to Get an HC2 Certificate?

If an individual wishes to receive an HC2 Certificate, they are supposed to fill in and submit Form HC1, Claim for Help With Health Costs. The claim consists of several parts where the individual must designate particular details. These parts include:

  1. Personal Details. In the first part of the HC1 Form, the individual is required to provide personal information, as well as the personal details of their partner, children, and other people who live in the same household.
  2. Information About Property and Savings. Here, the individual must designate what kind of property and how much savings they own. This includes shares, money in the bank, unit trust, property, land, etc., inside the country and abroad.
  3. Income and Work Details. Individuals are supposed to use this section of the claim to state information about their income (benefits, pensions, allowances, salary, etc.) and provide employment details (job title, work hours, etc.).

Based on the information they have received, the NHS Business Services Authority will make a decision whether the individual is entitled to enter the NHS LIS and receive an HC2 Certificate or an HC3 Certificate. The difference between these two certificates is that the HC2 Certificate provides its owners with full help with healthcare costs, while the other certificate provides its owners with limited help and the list of healthcare costs it covers is shorter.

To obtain a paper copy of the HC2 Application Form individuals can visit their local Jobcentre Plus office or NHS hospital. Before completing the HC2 Certificate Application Form, individuals are strongly recommended to check if they meet the requirements to receive help with the appropriate expenses. They can do it by checking the NHS guides mentioned above or using appropriate services on the official website of the NHS Business Services Authority.

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British citizens may use this information booklet to learn about reducing the cost of their medical treatment, prescriptions, tests, and travel expenses related to the National Health Service (NHS) care.

This document is for residents of the United Kingdom to get help with their health costs. It is used to apply for assistance in paying for medical expenses.

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