Free Graduation Party Invitation Templates

What Is a Graduation Party Invitation?

If you or your child has recently completed a major milestone in your/their education journey, a common way to celebrate is to hold a graduation party and send out a Graduation Party Invitation to guests.

Alternate Names:

  • Grad Party Invitation;
  • Graduation Party Invitation Card.

This invitation can be sent through the mail or as a digital e-vite, but is customarily held within a week or two of the graduation event (or sometimes even the same day). You can invite as many guests as you would like, and typically both family and guests are invited to celebrate the person’s academic achievements at the same event.

To find a full list of Graduation Party Invitation templates please check out our library below.

How to Write a Graduation Party Invitation?

To craft a Graduation Party Invite, you will want to include the following information:

  1. Graduation Party Invitation Wording at the top of the invite explaining what the event is for and include the graduate’s name in bold lettering.
    • For example, you can keep it simple, such as, “Congratulations, Graduate,” or more creative with, “Hip, hip, hooray! You Graduated Today!” 
  2. You can include a short description of the party and why you are celebrating.
    • For example, “Help us celebrate’s Mark’s big achievement of graduating with honors in History from the University of California! We will be holding a potluck get-together in the backyard and you are welcome to bring a suit and towel if you plan on swimming.”
  3. List what time the event begins and if your graduate will have any sort of gift registry.
    • If the person is graduating from high school they might ask for help furnishing their future dorm room in college.
  4. The address where the event is taking place and a dress code if you will be holding a more formal event.
  5. If you are requesting all guests RSVP, include how and where they can make their response and if you have a deadline to respond. If the event will be catered you will often need to give the caterer two weeks notice of a final headcount for the event. You can also ask guests to include any food allergies or restrictions (such as a peanut allergy or vegan diet) in their response.

How to Make a Graduation Party Invitation?

There are a number of Graduation Party Invitation Ideas, below are a few ideas to help get you started:

  1. Most Graduation Party Invitations will have a graduation cap somewhere on the invite, although you can also include images such as a graduation gown, diploma, or a pencil. 
    • If the person has completed a post-baccalaureate degree, such as a Juris doctorate or medical degree, you can include images related to their specific field (such as a scale of justice or white lab coat). 
  2. It is always a good idea to talk with the person who graduated about what they would like to have at their party, unless you are planning on holding a surprise party.
    • Ask if they want the party to be more informal or formal, if they would like any type of cake or dessert, and if they want to include a dance area or a quieter affair. 
  3. The invitation can be standard black or white, although you can be more creative and use the colors of the school the graduate was attending, or the school they will be attending later in the year.
  4. You can then use a site to create the invite with any graphics or fonts and print out copies of the invite or send them via email.

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