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A function report, also known as a function assessment or functional capabilities report, is a document used to assess an individual's daily activities, abilities, and limitations. This report is typically filled out by the individual themselves or by a third party, such as a caregiver or family member.

The function report provides valuable information to various organizations and agencies, such as the Social Security Administration (SSA) or disability insurance companies, to help determine an individual's eligibility for benefits or support. It covers a wide range of areas including physical, mental, and social capabilities, mobility, personal care, communication, and other daily activities.

By providing a detailed account of an individual's functional abilities and limitations, the function report helps decision-makers understand the impact of a disability or medical condition on the individual's daily life. This information is crucial in determining the appropriate level of support or benefits that should be provided.

Whether it's the Form SSA-3378-BK for children aged 6 to 12, the Form SSA-3380-BK for adults filled out by a third party, or any other variant of the function report, these documents play a crucial role in the assessment and evaluation process. They provide a comprehensive picture of an individual's functional capabilities, enabling decision-makers to make informed judgments about their eligibility for various forms of assistance.

If you or someone you know needs to complete a function report, it is important to thoroughly and accurately fill out the document, providing specific details about the individual's abilities and limitations. This will ensure that decision-makers have a complete understanding of the individual's functional capabilities and can make fair and accurate assessments.

The function report is a powerful tool in the evaluation process and can significantly impact an individual's access to support and benefits. So whether you are completing the Form SSA-3380 Function Report for an adult or the Form SSA-3375-BK Function Report for a child, take the time to provide a thorough and honest account of the individual's abilities and limitations.




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This form was used to determine if an individual was eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

This is a form that is used by disabled people who are applying to receive Social Security benefits.

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