DD Form 2912 Claim for Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expense (TQSE) (Sub-voucher)

What Is DD Form 2912?

DD Form 2912, Claim for Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expense (TQSE) (Sub-Voucher) is a form used to review, approve, account and disburse money for Department of Defense (DoD) travelers' claims.

The latest version of the TQSE claim form - sometimes incorrectly referred to as the DA Form 2912 - was released by the Department of Defense (DoD) in June 2006 with all previous editions now obsolete. An up-to-date DD Form 2912 fillable version is available for filing and download below or can be found through the Executive Services Directorate website.

The TQSE claim is designed to reimburse employees for some costs paid when occupying temporary quarters at the old or new duty station. The form has to be authorized by the individuals' agency before they occupy temporary quarters. House Hunting Trip (HHT) days will be subtracted from the first 30 days of the TQSE Actual Expense if it takes up more than 30 days. TQSE can be stopped only for official temporary duty or authorized sick leave and its method cannot change if any travel has ever been performed.


Download DD Form 2912 Claim for Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expense (TQSE) (Sub-voucher)

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How to Fill Out DD Form 2912?

The form is made up of two pages with filing guidelines provided on the first page. DD Form 2912 instructions are as follows:

  1. First, the individual has to provide their full name, social security number, and grade in Boxes 1, 2 and 3.
  2. The form then requires the location of the new duty station and the date reporting for duty in Boxes 4 and 5 respectively.
  3. Box 6 is intended for the date when the DoD employee and their dependents vacated their old residence. Box 7 is for the dates of staying at their new place of residence.
  4. Dependents included in the claim should be listed in Box 8.
  5. Any additional notes can be provided in the blank box on the first page of the form.
  6. The second page of the form contains a chart for listing all incurred expenses. Most Columns are self-explanatory .
    • Column C requires specifying whether the money was spent by the employee or their dependents.
    • Column D - Lodging - requires the location and costs of every lodging facility.
    • Column E - Meal Cost - should include the type of meal and whether it was homemade or commercially bought.
    • Column F - Laundry - is divided to contain the cost of washes and dry cleanings. The final column should contain the total amount of expenses from all previous columns. Each column should be totaled separately in the last line of the chart.
  7. The employee should sign and date the form in Boxes 10 and 11.
  8. Additional explanations, periods of TDY or other deviations during the period of temporary quarters should be provided in Box 12.
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