DD Form 448-2 Acceptance of Mipr

What Is DD Form 448-2?

DD form 448-2, Acceptance of MIPR is a form used for recording the accepted items received via the Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request - or MIRP - or to decline the equipment due to a valid reason when the items are delivered.

The latest version of the form was released by the Department of Defense (DoD) in July 1971 with all previous editions being used until exhausted. An up-to-date DD Form 448-2 fillable version is available for download and online filing below or can be found through the Executive Services Directorate website.

DD Form 448 and DD Form 448-2

DD Form 448, Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request is a form used for requesting a transfer of funds for services, supplies, or equipment between U.S. Military organizations.

This form contains the information on the required items, a unique MIPR number, information about the paying and receiving offices and other necessary data. This form is filled out prior to the DD 448-2 and is essential for filling out the second form correctly.


DD Form 448-2 Instructions

Filling the form out in its entirety is not mandatory, only the applicable boxes have to be completed.

  1. The first box of the form is for the requiring activity address and ZIP code.
  2. The second box is for the MIPR number provided in the main DD 448 form.
  3. The third box requires the amend number and the fourth is for the date the MIRP was signed. Box number five is for the number of items listed on the DD 448.
  4. Box 6 requires the specification of terms of acceptance of MIPR.
  5. If one or some of the received items cannot be accepted, Box 7 must be checked. The names of the items and the reason for refusal must be specified in Box 13.
  6. Boxes 8 and 9 are filled only if Box 6c was checked OR if the quantities or estimated costs require adjustments. In that case, list the MIPR line numbers along with the quantities or estimated costs under Boxes 8 and 9.
  7. If Box 9 was filled, the estimated date of contract award has to be provided in Box 10.
  8. Box 11 is for the total number of accepted items. If the accepted amount differs from the number recorded in Box 5, Box 12 has to be filled. This will serve either as a request to the requiring department to issue a MIPR amendment to provide the additional funds or as authorization to the requiring department to withdraw the available excess funds.
  9. When funds of two or more appropriations are involved, provide proper breakdown information in Box 13, Remarks.
  10. Boxes 14 through 17 are for the address of the accepting activity, the name and title of the authorized official, their signature and the date of signing.

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