DD Form 2793 Volunteer Agreement for Appropriated Fund Activities & Non Appropriated Fund Instrumentalities

What Is DD Form 2793?

DD Form 2793 is the Volunteer Agreement for Appropriated Fund Activities or Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities released by the Department of Defense (DoD) in March 2018. This form is obligatory for all volunteers wishing to participate in appropriated or non-appropriated fund activities.

An up-to-date fillable version of the Volunteer Form DD 2793 is available for download below.

The fact the volunteer services are accepted is acknowledged on the DD 2793 before the individual is allowed to provide any volunteer services for the DoD. A copy of the completed and signed agreement is given to the volunteer prior to them starting their work. A full overview of the form can be found in the DoD-issued Instruction Manual 1100.21.

Each branch of service requires a separate pack of documents, but there are several general forms most volunteers must file when pursuing employment. No volunteer has any right of commencing any work before being officially allowed to do so.

It is obligatory for all applicants to undergo a background check, provide a copy of their DD Form 2793 and - in some cases - complete a DA Form 5018-R, ADAPCP Client's Consent Statement for Release of Treatment Information (LRA). This is a form that collects all information that may reveal if an individual previously struggled with excessive alcohol consumption or drug abuse and undergone rehabilitation for those addictions.


Download DD Form 2793 Volunteer Agreement for Appropriated Fund Activities & Non Appropriated Fund Instrumentalities

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DD Form 2793 Instructions

The information provided in the DoD Instruction 1100.21 implements policies and procedures for the acceptance and use of voluntary services in Department of Defense programs, as authorized by 10 U.S.C. 1588. The DD Form 2793 instructions described below were obtained from the manual released on March 11, 2002.

The DD 2793 Form consists of four sections or parts:

  1. Section I requires general personal information about the applicant: their name, age, telephone number and e-mail. If the volunteer is under the age of 18, the form must be filled by parent or guardian and the name of the parent or guardian must be provided in the same section.
  2. Section II is filed by the accepting official. It contains the information about the organization, unit, schedule, working days and hours and a description of services the volunteer will be providing.
  3. Section III is used for volunteer certification. The part is signed by the individual or guardian stating that their services (or the services of the minor child they are representing) are being provided as a volunteer and not as an employee of the United States Government or any of its Agencies.
  4. Section IV is to be filled out by the end of the volunteer's service and signed by the volunteer, legal guardian, and supervisor. It states the amount of time donated to volunteering, the end date of service and signatures of all parties.
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