IRS Form W-2VI 2018 U.S. Virgin Islands Wage and Tax Statement

IRS Form W-2vi, "U.s. Virgin Islands Wage And Tax Statement" is a tax form issued by the United States Internal Revenue Service. The latest version of the form was released in January 1, 2018. A up-to-date W-2vi Form in PDF is available for download below.

The IRS-issued "U.s. Virgin Islands Wage And Tax Statement" is available for digital filing or can be filled out through the Adobe Reader application on your desktop or mobile device.


You may file Forms W-2 and W-3 electronically on the SSA’s
W-2 Filing Instructions and Information
web page, which is also accessible
at You can create fill-in versions of
Forms W-2 and W-3 for filing with SSA. You may also print out copies for
filing with state or local governments, distribution to your employees, and
for your records.
Note: Copy A of this form is provided for informational purposes only. Copy A appears in
red, similar to the official IRS form. The official printed version of this IRS form is scannable,
but the online version of it, printed from this website, is not. Do not print and file Copy A
downloaded from this website with the SSA; a penalty may be imposed for filing forms that
can’t be scanned. See the penalties section in the current
General Instructions for Forms
W-2 and
W-3, available at, for more information.
Please note that Copy B and other copies of this form, which appear in black, may be
downloaded, filled in, and printed and used to satisfy the requirement to provide the
information to the recipient.
To order official IRS information returns such as Forms W-2 and W-3, which include a
scannable Copy A for filing, go to IRS’
Online Ordering for Information Returns and
Employer Returns
page, or visit
and click on Employer and
Information returns. We’ll mail you the scannable forms and any other products you order.
See IRS Publications 1141, 1167, and
for more information about printing these tax

Download IRS Form W-2VI 2018 U.S. Virgin Islands Wage and Tax Statement

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