2018 Registered Limited Liability Partnership (Llp) Annual Notice - Alabama


PURPOSE: Under Sections, 10A-8-10.01(e) and 10A-8-10.06(e) of
the Code of Alabama 1975 a partnership registered under the section
shall pay a fee each year on a date specified by the Secretary of State,
which shall be March 15. The fee must be accompanied by a notice,
on a form designated by the Secretary of State, setting forth any
material changes in the information required to be contained in the
partnership’s registration.
Mail this signed completed form with the
appropriate fee to the Office of the Secretary of State at PO Box 5616,
(For SOS Office Use Only)
Montgomery, AL 36103. Include a check, money order, or credit
card payment for $100.00 for standard processing (no guaranteed
processing timeframe – dependent on volume) or $200.00 for expedited processing (within approximately three business
days after date of receipt). The request is only accepted via mail or courier and will not be accepted via fax or email.
Using a credit card and our website, you may file the Notice online in the time it takes to type this request.
Due to
volume, we are unable to search for filings that may or may not have been received via regular mail to provide
receipts or status – if a receipt is needed use registered mail service or a courier service. If the credit card does not
authorize the notice will not be filed or if the check is dishonored ($30 NSF charge) the Notice will be removed. All
processing instructions are complete in this form; cover letters are not necessary and will not be reviewed. If you would
like a copy of the filed document, include a copy and a postage paid preaddressed return envelope.
The information completing this form must be typed or laser printed.
Faxed or emailed request will not be acknowledged, processed, or returned.
1. Alabama Entity ID Number (Format: 000-000):
This information is required.
INSTRUCTION TO OBTAIN ID NUMBER TO COMPLETE FORM: You may obtain the entity ID number on
our website at
under the Records tab, Record Searches. Click on Business Entity Records,
click on Entity Name, enter the registered name of the Partnership in the appropriate box, and enter. The six (6) digit
number containing a dash to the left of the name is the entity ID number. If you click on that number, you can check
the details page to make certain that you have the correct entity – this verification step is strongly recommended.
2. The Name of the Partnership registered with the Office of the Secretary of State of Alabama (required for
3. Change the Name of the Partnership to (a Name Reservation or Registration Certificate from the Alabama
Secretary of State must be attached if a name change is requested):
LLP Annual Notice
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