2019 Internship Program Information Packet - Alabama

This printable "Internship Program Information Packet" is a document issued by the Alabama Secretary of State specifically for Alabama residents.

Download a PDF of the latest edition of the form down below or find it through the department's forms library.

Alabama Secretary of State’s Office
Internship Program Information Packet
600 Dexter Avenue
Post Office Box 5616
Montgomery, Alabama 36103
(334) 242-7200
*Note: Please read this application in its entirety!
Application Deadline: February 1, 2019
Alabama Secretary of State’s Office
Internship Program Information Packet
600 Dexter Avenue
Post Office Box 5616
Montgomery, Alabama 36103
(334) 242-7200
*Note: Please read this application in its entirety!
Application Deadline: February 1, 2019
Dear Prospective Intern:
Thank you for your interest in serving as an intern with the Alabama Secretary of State’s
Office. The provided materials will give you some additional information about our
agency and information handled therein.
Please follow the provided instructions to complete the essay and internship application.
You will be required to provide a letter of recommendation from your accredited Four-
Year University. Please submit completed information as requested.
The interns chosen for this great opportunity will be notified if selected to participate in
the Internship Program. Internships are considered throughout the year, so please submit
your application at any time for consideration.
I hope this opportunity will be valuable to your transition into the workforce. I know the
experience received during this time will prove beneficial to your future endeavors. We
look forward to working with you.
John H. Merrill
Secretary of State
The Secretary of State is responsible for the following duties:
Processing and filing documents that are public records that contain the official Great Seal of Alabama
Serves as the Chief Elections Official for the State of Alabama
Primary repository of official records
Maintains records of land transactions and ownership
Maintains filing of commercial liens and register new businesses
Reserves entity names
Certificates of Existence
Maintain official copies of state documents
Actual official copy of the State Constitution
Formal copies of legislative acts enacted into law
Executive orders issued by the Governor
Regulations and interpretations of statutes issued by state regulatory agencies.
Maintain records of land transactions and ownership
The duties listed above are only a small indication of the responsibilities maintained by the Secretary of State’s
- Many of the executive records have both the signatures of the Secretary of State and of the Gov-
ernor because the Secretary of State serves as the Governor’s personal notary public. When the Secretary of
State is witnessing the Governor’s signature, the Great Seal of Alabama is used as the “notary” seal. Included in
this type of executive records are writs of arrest, contracts, deeds, and leases. Other executive records include
listings of abandoned vehicles found in the state, information on municipal incorporations, and the names of all
notaries public registered in Alabama.
Business Services
- Business Entities staff members reserve names of businesses that incorporate to do business
in Alabama. The state has about 200,000 corporate filings, and staff members usually get about 300 requests
each day for information in those files. The UCC Section maintains more than 220,000 financing statements that
are filed by attorneys and banking institutions.
-The Secretary of State is Alabama’s “Chief Election Official.” The Secretary of State is given many
different election duties under state law. Election records include vote totals, certified ballots, and records show-
ing how much money candidates and political committees raised and spent during an election. Copies of certifi-
cates of election, commissions, and oaths of office are also on file for many elected officials.
This opportunity will allow them to integrate classroom theory into practical principles in a work environment.
This process will give them diverse knowledge in areas handled by the Secretary of State.
Basic Internship Information
Objectives for Internship
This internship will focus on election practices and business entities
Meet requirements set by Secretary of State and Chief of Staff
Assisting other employees with the Secretary of State Office as needed
360 hours (9 weeks) or more should be completed by the intern
An evaluation will be completed at the end of the internship program
Site and Supervisor Responsibilities
Providing an experience-The interns will be given instructions on various tasks around the office. These respon-
sibilities will include deadlines with sufficient time of completion. You will be assigned a work area and suffi-
cient material to complete all tasks.
Providing supervision and mentoring-The intern will have a direct supervisor who will provide assignments
and guidance during the program. The supervisor is there to answer any questions you may have relating to the
assigned tasks.
Goals and Objectives-The goal of this internship is to provide an informative and edifying experience for all
participants in the program. The intern will have an opportunity to work with other Secretary of State personnel
to prepare for upcoming events.
Evaluation-At the end of the internship, an evaluation will be completed and provided to your school regarding
your contributions to the agency.
Assist with clerical and administrative needs of the office as a whole
Assist Executive Staff with writing, editing, and preparation of laws
Assist in answer incoming calls for the Secretary of State’s Office
Aid in the gathering of information regarding the number of registered voters
Aid in researching and analyzing the elections laws of the Alabama Code and Federal Election laws as need-
The intern will be paid on an hourly basis, approximately $8.03 per hour worked. The office hours for this posi-
tion have been listed below.
Work Schedule
The workday begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. All employees of the Secretary
of State’s Office are expected to be at their work stations at the time designated as their regular work schedule.
Students’ Responsibilities
Please direct all questions to your supervisor or their appointee upon their absence.
The intern will complete job assignments in a timely manner
Notify Supervisor when assistance is needed
Please make a note of any questions you may have for feedback
Student Information Request
Please provide a letter of recommendation from an accredited four-year college/university to be considered for
this internship. The letter must be received before you can be considered. There is an essay requirement, as well.
Please see the attached information, and submit all documents to the following address:
Mr. David Brewer, Chief of Staff
ATTN: Brittany Hamilton, Elections Analyst
Secretary of State
Post Office Box 5616
Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5616
Phone: 334-242-7207
Email: David.Brewer@sos.alabama.gov

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