Rule 173 Order - Kansas

Rule 173 Order - Kansas

Rule 173 Order is a legal document that was released by the Kansas District Courts - a government authority operating within Kansas.


Q: What is Rule 173 Order in Kansas?A: Rule 173 Order is a legal provision in Kansas.

Q: What does Rule 173 Order govern?A: Rule 173 Order governs the process and procedures for investigating complaints of alleged misconduct by attorneys in Kansas.

Q: Who is subject to Rule 173 Order?A: Attorneys practicing law in Kansas are subject to Rule 173 Order.

Q: What is the purpose of Rule 173 Order?A: The purpose of Rule 173 Order is to ensure attorneys adhere to professional standards and ethics in their practice.

Q: How is a complaint filed under Rule 173 Order?A: A complaint can be filed by submitting a written statement to the Disciplinary Administrator's office.


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  • Released on July 1, 2012;
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