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Unemployment Insurance Contact Center Work Rules / Policies is a legal document that was released by the Kansas Department of Labor - a government authority operating within Kansas.

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Unemployment Insurance
Contact Center
Work Rules / Policies
Directive: 100-01-12
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Unemployment Insurance
Contact Center
Work Rules / Policies
Directive: 100-01-12
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Mission Statement
KDOL serves Kansas workers and businesses by providing fair and efficient
administration of state labor laws.
We envision a Kansas where diverse people of wide ranging talents and vital
enterprises prosper in a resource rich state.
Agency Philosophy and Values
We are committed to providing quality, accessible and responsive services to all
Kansans. Our work is characterized by:
Politeness and common courtesy
Dignity, respect and cultural sensitivity for each other and for those we serve
Stewardship of public resources
Integrity and ethics in every aspect of our work
An emphasis on quality and accountability
Sound public policy
Clear communication
Collaborative partnerships
Cost effectiveness
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Work rules and polices contained herein will ensure program integrity, consistency and
continuous improvement throughout the Contact Center. This document will establish
the policies and procedures that will be utilized to evaluate performance and identify
training needs.
Standards of Conduct
All KDOL staff is required to comply with agency policies and directives. Employees are
also expected to meet standard requirements as outlined in the KDOL performance
• Employees are expected to perform their work satisfactorily and to maintain high
standards of conduct.
• Privileged and confidential information must not be shared with others not
authorized to receive such information. Employees who violate confidentiality are
subject to disciplinary action which could include termination and possible legal
• Contact Center personnel may not under any circumstance process, view or
adjudicate claims for someone that they know. These types of calls must be
transferred to a supervisor for handling. All adjudication for KDOL current and
former employees must be sent directly to the Contact Center Manager for
handling. Violations will result in disciplinary action up to and including
• Contact Center staff is not allowed to conduct random queries associated with
other staff members backlog or completed tasks. Conducting such queries
prevents a well balanced work environment and creates additional unnecessary
work for supervisors and staff. Violations will result in disciplinary action up to
and including termination.
• Telephone calls should be handled in a prompt and courteous manner and CSR
telephone lines must be kept clear for business calls. The use of Contact Center
telephone services should be limited to official business only. Personal long
distance calls and other such calls that would result in charges to the agency are
prohibited. All personal non-emergency calls are to take place during break or
lunch times. To ensure privacy for personal or emergency calls, telephones are
available for use on lines that will not be monitored. These are located in the
Supervisor work room and outside the main restrooms, located on the first floor.
Cell Phone Usage
• Cell phones will be on silent or turned off during work time.
• Bluetooth devices are not allowed during work hours.
• If you have a special circumstance that requires you to respond to a call during
the day, talk with your supervisor to make those arrangements.
• Under no circumstances should an employee respond to a social networking site
during work time.
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• Each employee is expected to adhere to his or her work schedule. If the
employee is unable to report to work as scheduled for any reason, the employee
should notify the supervisor on your respective team call in card prior to the start
of your shift. This contact must be by telephone. It is not sufficient to text, leave a
message with a co-worker or make contact via e-mail, nor should the notification
be made by a friend or family member except under extreme situations. Such
notification should be made as far in advance as possible. Failure to give the
appropriate notification may result in disciplinary action, up to and including
• All employees are expected to be at their workstation and ready to begin work at
the beginning of their shift and work through the end of the scheduled work day.
This includes having your computer on, logged in and in available status at the
start of your shift.
• Employees are encouraged to maintain sufficient leave balances and manage
leave appropriately. Excessive use of leave has a detrimental impact on the
Contact Center and Contact Center morale while having a negative impact on the
individual’s work performance.
• Employees exceeding allotted personal aux time of 14 minutes per day will be
required to use personal leave time. Personal aux time is not to be considered an
additional allotted break and should be utilized as needed.
• Employees may not forego breaks to accumulate extra time off.
• If the need arises that you will not report to work on time, you must notify the
supervisor on your respective team call in card prior to the start of your shift.
• In order to make up time missed from a scheduled work day, you must have
authorization from your supervisor.
• All leave should be scheduled as far in advance as possible. Employees are
expected to cooperate fully with their supervisor to ensure that adequate staff is
present to meet workload demands.
• Leave must be used for all time off.
• Vacation leave will be granted by the team supervisor based on the needs of the
Contact Center.
Leave Without Pay
• If you go into a leave without pay status, it could result in disciplinary
action, up to and including termination.
Page 4
Dress Code
Due to the type of work that is handled here at Eastman, our dress code does vary
from other KDOL buildings.
The following types of clothing are not allowed in the workplace:
• Sweat pants with elastic around the ankle.
• Leggings and any spandex or other form fitting pants. (Such as people wear
for biking/exercise) Unless the leggings/spandex are worn under a skirt,
dress or shirt that covers your derriere.
• Pajama pants or pants that look like they could be pajama/lounge pants.
• Halter tops/muscle shirts/tank tops – unless your shoulders are covered up.
• Spaghetti straps/strapless tops or dresses – unless your shoulders are
covered up.
• Mini-skirts or Mini dresses.
• Shorts, Bermuda Shorts or Skorts.
• Midriff tops.
• Jeans that are badly worn or that have holes in them.
• T-Shirts or Sweat shirts that have:
 Offensive/discriminatory saying and or logos.
Logos with beer/alcohol and or cigarettes.
These guidelines are not all inclusive and other clothing choices, such as
extremely short mini-skirts, could result in the employee being asked to go home
and change. It is advisable to dress in layers as the temperature does fluctuate
throughout the building.
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