Form 33-086-784 Mail Forwarding - Canada

Form 33-086-784 Mail Forwarding - Canada

What Is Form 33-086-784?

Form 33-086-784, Mail Forwarding, is filled out to request for mail to be forwarded from your address to another location - whether for a limited period of time or indefinitely. The service of mail forwarding can be accessed by individuals and organizations alike: you can receive your mail at any location anywhere in the world. Additionally, this service is available for people who manage a third party's mail or authorized proxies managing the estate of deceased individuals.

Alternate Names:

  • Canada Post Mail Forwarding Form;
  • Canada Mail Forwarding Form.

Form 33-086-784 is issued by Canada Post with the latest version of the document released on April 1, 2019, with all previous editions obsolete. Download a printable Canada Post Mail Forwarding Form through the link below.


Canada Mail Forwarding Form Instructions

Here is how you should complete Form 33-086-784:

  1. Indicate whose mail must be forwarded and record the dates you would want the service to start and end.
  2. Explain why you want the mail to be forwarded - you are permanently relocating, temporarily moving, or there is another reason.
  3. Write down two addresses - the location where the mail must be forwarded from and the location you will receive your correspondence.
  4. State the names of mail recipients - only mail of these individuals will be forwarded.
  5. If you are moving, the post office may notify organizations you deal with about your relocation for your convenience - check the box if you do not want anyone else to know about your movements.
  6. Confirm your intention to subscribe to the mail forwarding service, enter your full name, telephone number, and email address.

You can apply for mail forwarding online using a Canada Post account or visit your local post office - the service will begin as early as three days after you submit the documentation. Note that you have to present identification with a photo and authorization if you are acting on behalf of another person or company. You will be asked to pay a residential fee if the mail will be addressed to individuals; businesses will pay a specific business fee.

Download Form 33-086-784 Mail Forwarding - Canada

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