Leprechaun Mask Template

Leprechaun Mask Template

Leprechaun Mask: What Is It?

A Leprechaun Mask refers to a festive face covering that looks like the head of an Irish folklore character Leprechaun. Instead of shopping for overpriced party accessories, you may use your handicraft skills and create a one-of-a-kind item for yourself or your child - enjoy the celebration with a handmade Leprechaun Mask!

You can find a Leprechaun Mask template through the link below.


How to Make a Leprechaun Mask?

Here are some tips you may use when working on a customized Leprechaun Face Mask:

  1. Decide what material is better for the future Leprechaun Mask Craft . Plastic is more durable, and you can save money by creating the same outfit for both St. Patrick's Day and Halloween. The easiest way to make a mask is to depict a head of a grinning man - orange eyebrows and beard, rosy cheeks, and a green hat or top hat to finish the look. Be precise with measurements when you figure out how tocut out holes for eyes - better to try on another piece of paper or cardstock before you work on the final draft.
  2. Orange and green colors remain the most reasonable choice for the Leprechaun Face Mask - if you are going to a costume party planned for a different holiday than St. Patrick's Day, your outfit is supposed to be easily recognized, and these colors will always be associated with Ireland. Add other decorative elements to the mask - for instance, small shamrocks around the brim of the hat will make your creation even more special and festive-like.
  3. While a classic mask has an elastic wrapped around the head of someone who uses it, you may go for a mask connected to a wooden handle in case you want to avoid removing it constantly during the event you will attend - this way, you can use the mask again and your hairdo will be intact! This idea works well for papier mache masks - use glue and duct tape to attach the handle to the mask.
  4. If you want to free up your face, a Leprechaun Mask can consist of a hat and a beard - preferably, green and orange respectively. Measure your face (or your kid's face) and prepare a cut-out that fits just right, without feeling uncomfortable. Since this mask has an unusual shape, opt for a more durable material when you are making it or transferring the pattern to make sure it does not rip during a party.

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