Hunter Permission Form - Illinois

Hunter Permission Form - Illinois

The Hunter Permission Form in Illinois is used to obtain permission from landowners or leaseholders to hunt on their property. It allows hunters to legally access and hunt on private lands in Illinois.

The hunter permission form in Illinois is typically filed by the landowner or the person in charge of the property where hunting will take place.


Q: What is a hunter permission form?A: A hunter permission form is a document that grants permission to individuals to hunt on private property in Illinois.

Q: Why do I need a hunter permission form?A: You need a hunter permission form to legally hunt on someone else's private property in Illinois.

Q: Who needs to sign the hunter permission form?A: The landowner or authorized person needs to sign the hunter permission form.

Q: Can I hunt on public lands without a hunter permission form?A: No, you generally need a separate permit to hunt on public lands, and a hunter permission form is not required.

Q: Is a hunter permission form valid for multiple hunting seasons?A: No, a hunter permission form is typically valid for a specific hunting season only.

Q: Do I need to carry the hunter permission form with me while hunting?A: Yes, it is advisable to carry a copy of the signed hunter permission form with you while hunting as proof of permission.

Q: Can the landowner revoke permission stated in the hunter permission form?A: Yes, the landowner can revoke permission at any time, so it's important to stay in communication regarding hunting activities.

Q: Are there any specific restrictions or regulations mentioned in the hunter permission form?A: No, the hunter permission form is mainly for granting permission, and specific hunting regulations are typically covered separately.

Q: Can the hunter permission form be used for other activities like trapping or fishing?A: No, the hunter permission form is specifically for granting permission to hunt, and separate permission may be required for trapping or fishing activities.


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