Pio Application Form - India

Pio Application Form - India

The Pio Application Form in India is used for applying for a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card. The PIO card is a form of identification provided to foreign citizens of Indian origin, granting them certain benefits and privileges while living in India. This form is used to gather necessary information from individuals seeking to obtain a PIO card.

In India, the PIO (Person of Indian Origin) application form is typically filed by individuals who are foreign citizens but have Indian roots or ancestry.


Q: What is a Pio application form in India?A: A PIO (Person of Indian Origin) application form is a document used by individuals of Indian origin who have acquired citizenship of another country. It is used to apply for the PIO card which allows them to visit India without a visa and enjoy certain privileges.

Q: Who is eligible to fill out a Pio application form in India?A: People who were citizens of India or whose parents/grandparents were citizens of India and currently hold citizenship of another country are eligible to fill out the PIO application form in India.

Q: What documents are required to be attached with the Pio application form?A: The documents required may vary, but generally, you would need to attach proof of former Indian citizenship, copies of passport, address proof, birth certificate, and any other documents as specified by the authorities.

Q: What are the benefits of having a PIO card?A: Having a PIO card allows you to travel to India without a visa, enjoy parity with NRIs in economic, financial, and educational fields, acquire property in India, and avail certain other benefits like easier admission to educational institutions and permission to open bank accounts.


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