Smoking Diary Template

Smoking Diary Template

A Smoking Diary Template is a tool designed to help individuals track and monitor their smoking habits and progress when attempting to quit smoking. It allows people to record the number of cigarettes smoked, triggers or cravings experienced, and any strategies or techniques used to resist smoking. This template can be useful for individuals who are actively trying to quit smoking and want to keep track of their progress.

The Smoking Diary Template is usually filled out by individuals who wish to track their smoking habits and progress towards quitting.


Q: What is a smoking diary?
A: A smoking diary is a tool used to track and monitor smoking habits.

Q: Why should I use a smoking diary?
A: Using a smoking diary can help you become more aware of your smoking habits and make it easier to quit or cut back.

Q: What should I include in a smoking diary template?
A: A smoking diary template should include the date, time of each cigarette smoked, the location, your mood, and any triggers that made you want to smoke.

Q: How can a smoking diary help me quit smoking?
A: A smoking diary can help you identify patterns and triggers for smoking, making it easier to develop strategies to manage them and ultimately quit smoking.


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  • Smoking Diary Template - Keep track of your smoking habits and progress.