Chore List for Kids by Age

Chore List for Kids by Age

A Chore List for Kids by Age is a tool that helps parents assign age-appropriate tasks or responsibilities to their children. It helps teach children about household chores, responsibilities, and the value of contributing to the family.

In general, the chore list for kids is usually filed or prepared by parents or guardians. They decide and assign age-appropriate chores for their children. However, the specific practice may vary among families.


Q: What kind of chores can I assign to my 4-year-old?
A: Some appropriate chores for a 4-year-old might include putting away toys, making their bed, feeding pets with supervision, and helping to set the table.

Q: What chores can a 6-year-old handle?
A: A 6-year-old can take on chores such as making their bed, putting away clothes, feeding pets, watering plants, and helping to clear the table.

Q: What are some suitable chores for an 8-year-old?
A: An 8-year-old can do chores like making their bed, folding and putting away laundry, sweeping, helping to cook simple meals with supervision, and taking care of household chores, like setting the table and emptying the dishwasher.

Q: What chores can a 10-year-old be responsible for?
A: A 10-year-old can handle chores like vacuuming, dusting, doing the dishes, walking pets, taking out the trash, and helping with yard work.

Q: What chores can a 12-year-old do?
A: A 12-year-old can take on chores such as doing their own laundry, cleaning bathrooms, mowing the lawn (with supervision), cooking simple meals, and helping with grocery shopping.

Q: What chores are suitable for a teenager?
A: Teenagers can handle more responsibility, such as mowing the lawn, washing the car, cooking meals, doing grocery shopping, cleaning the entire house, and doing their own laundry.


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