Form VSD 190, Application for Vehicle Transaction(s)

Form VSD 190, Application for Vehicle Transaction(s)

What Is a VSD 190 Form?

Form VSD 190, Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) , is a document developed by the Illinois Secretary of State for individuals interested in any kind of vehicle transaction. The list of possible transactions includes (but not limited to):

  • Title;
  • Title and Registration;
  • Title and Transfer.

The application is supposed to be filled out by those filers who live in Illinois and for those who bought vehicles from an out-of-state dealer and bringing it into Illinois.

Where Can I Get a VSD 190 Form?

The application is available online and is completed through the Electronic Registration and Title (ERT) System. Filers can also obtain this document by visiting a local Illinois Secretary of State office.

How to Fill Out VSD 190?

An Illinois Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) can only be filled out through the ERT System. The system allows filers to fill in the application and print it. In order to complete the transaction successfully, the applicant should follow a few simple steps:

  1. Complete the application. While completing an application, an individual must designate certain types of data, such as owner information, vehicle information, insurance, information about lienholder (if applicable), etc.
  2. Gather required supporting documents. The list of pertinent documents depends on the type of transaction the filer is applying for and on the information they entered in their application online. The documents are proof that the designated information is correct and valid. It can include an affidavit, affirmation, loan agreement, lease agreement, lien release, etc. For example, individuals who are applying for a vehicle transfer from one person to another must attach a completed Form RUT-50 (available through the 24-hour Forms Order Line at 1 800 356-6302).
  3. Transfer the payment. The payment can only be made by check or by money order. The fee depends on the type of transaction the applicant is applying for. For example, a fee for a title transaction is $150. The applicant should make sure that there are no additional payments to be made, and if there are - that they took care of them. If the applicant is required to make a tax payment, it should be done with a separate check (or a separated money order) payable to the Illinois Department of Revenue.
  4. Submit it to your local Secretary of State facility. The documents can be submitted in person or by mail. If the applicant prefers to mail documents, they should send them to the Illinois Secretary of State, address: Secretary of State, Vehicle Service Department, ERT Section, Rm. 629, 501 S. Second St., Springfield, IL. 62756.

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