Form PTO-2038 Credit Card Payment Form

Form PTO-2038 Credit Card Payment Form

What Is Form PTO-2038?

Form PTO-2038, Credit Card Payment Form , is a legal document provided by an individual or entity to pay a patent or trademark fee by credit card.

Information on the PTO-2038 Form is collected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to charge the appropriate fee amount to the correct credit card account. Without this document properly completed, the USPTO will not be able to receive the fee, or the credit card institution may refuse to accept the charge, which will lead to the fee being considered as not having been paid. The details on this form will be treated confidentially; however, do not include your credit card information on any other document and do not submit Form PTO-2038 electronically to protect your interests.

This form was released on November 1, 2023 , with all previous editions obsolete. A PTO-2038 fillable form is available for download below.


Form PTO-2038 Instructions

Follow these steps to fill out PTO-2038 Form:

  1. Indicate the type of your credit card - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover;
  2. Enter your credit card details - the number of the account, expiration date, and your name as it appears on the credit card. Enter the payment amount to be charged, sign the form, and state the actual date of signing. It will not be possible to process a payment without your signature that serves as an authorization. The USPTO will not accept a debit card or check card that requires the use of a personal identification number as a payment method or a general authorization to charge any payment or additional fees;
  3. Verify your credit card payment by submitting a billing address. You may add your phone number and fax number;
  4. Describe the request based on the amount of payment - for instance, basing filing fee, first maintenance fee, application for the registration of a trademark, etc.;
  5. Select the type of fee you are paying - patent fee, patent maintenance fee, trademark fee, or another fee (to order patent and trademark information or products, for example, get a certified copy of a patent). It is allowed to indicate only one type of fee per form. Depending on the fee you are paying, you will have to enter your application number, patent number, registration number, attorney docket number, description of the trademark, and IDON customer number, assigned by the USPTO.

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