Form MVR-4 Application for Duplicate Title - North Carolina

Form MVR-4 Application for Duplicate Title - North Carolina

What Is Form MVR-4?

Form MVR-4, Application for Duplicate Title , is a form issued by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to help legal motor vehicle owners get a duplicate car title, if the original one was never received or lost. The form was revised on July 1, 2020 . A fillable MVR-4 Form is available for download below.

After the DMV has received the form from an applicant, there is a 15-day waiting period before a Certificate of Title can be issued. The form must be mailed directly to the DMV at N CDMV, 3148 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27697-3148 .


How to Fill Out an MVR-4 Form?

In order to request a duplicate car title, a car owner must submit documents, such as a Lien Release and an MVR-4 Form, and pay the required fee of $20. A Lien Release is only required if there are any liens shown on a car's title. An MVR-4 Form must be notarized and filled out exactly as the original title.

A DMV MVR-4 Form consists of five sections, each one of them contains an extensive layer of information dedicated to a certain subject:

  1. Vehicle Description. In the first section a vehicle owner is required to designate their name, full residential and mailing addresses, and vehicle location address (if different from the previous addresses). They must also describe their vehicle, mentioning their main identifying data such as:

    • Year;
    • Body Type;
    • Title Number;
    • Vehicle Identification Number, etc.
  2. Lien Record as Shown on Original Title. Here an applicant is supposed to fill out the information about liens shown on the original title (date, lienholder, address).

  3. Disclosure Section. The Disclosure section is the smallest section on the form. There an applicant can check the box if they want information from the form to be available for disclosure. Otherwise, the information will stay closed for marketing and solicitation.

  4. Check Applicable Box. A list of statements, from which an applicant must check the applicable options. The section contains statements with information about the reason for applying, returning the original title, current odometer reading, the correctness of the information, etc.

  5. Affidavit of First Lien Owner. The last section is for the first lienholder, where they will check the applicable boxes and verify the information in the form with their signature.

The section "Check Applicable Box" and section "Affidavit of First Lien Owner" both contain space for notarization, where a notary will verify the information filled in by an applicant and the first lienholder and will fill out their part of the information.

If an owner of a motor vehicle is in need of a car title replacement because of other reasons, then they should use Form MVR-5 and Form MVR-28. If a car owner needs a car title replacement due to any reasons listed below, then they should use Form MVR-5, Corrected or Substitute Title Application:

  • A name change because of naturalization, marriage, divorce or court order;
  • If an original title contains a mistake;
  • If any significant modifications of the originally titled vehicle have occurred.

If a vehicle owner needs a car title replacement due to vehicle modifications, then they are requested to fill out and submit Form MVR-28, Affidavit of Facts Surrounding the Incorrect Assignment of a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin or a Certificate of Title, as well.

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