Preliminary Conference Templates

The preliminary conference, also known as the initial conference or early case conference, is an important step in legal proceedings. This gathering brings together the parties involved in a case, along with their attorneys, to discuss and address key matters that will shape the course of litigation.

During the preliminary conference, issues such as discovery, case management, and potential settlement options are often discussed. This allows the parties to establish ground rules and set the framework for the rest of the legal process.

The documents associated with the preliminary conference provide a written record of the agreements and decisions made during this stage. These documents, which may go by various names such as Preliminary Conference Stipulation/Order or Part 32 Preliminary Conference Order, serve as official court records and guide the subsequent steps in the litigation.

The preliminary conference is a pivotal moment in legal proceedings, setting the tone for how the case will unfold. Through the documents generated during this stage, the parties lay the foundation for a fair and efficient resolution of their legal dispute.




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This Form is used for requesting a preliminary conference in New York City. It is used to initiate a meeting to discuss the details of a legal case.

This document is a preliminary conference stipulation and order specific to Nassau County, New York. It is used to establish the terms and conditions for a preliminary conference in a legal case.

This document is a preliminary conference order issued by the County of Bronx, New York. It outlines the details and schedule for a preliminary conference in a legal case.

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