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Welcome to our claim resolution webpage, your ultimate destination for settling and resolving claims efficiently and effectively. Our claim resolution process is designed to simplify the complex and time-consuming task of settling claims, ensuring fair and prompt resolutions for all parties involved.

At our claim resolution center, we offer a range of documents and resources to aid in the resolution of your claims. Our diverse collection of documents covers every aspect of claim resolution, from initial petitions and applications to detailed reports and income and expense worksheets. Whether you're a claimant, an adjuster, or an agency dealing with claims, we have the right documents to streamline your claim resolution process.

One of the commonly used documents in our claim resolution collection is the Petition for Settlement (Ptd). This document is crucial in formally initiating the resolution process and presenting your case. Additionally, our collection includes documents specific to different states, such as the Injury/Od Medical Closed on an Accepted Claim document for Montana and the Adjuster's Preliminary Report.

Our claim resolution documents also include application forms tailored to different jurisdictions. For example, we provide the Form F240-002-000 Application for Claim Resolution Settlement for clients in Washington state. This form ensures that all necessary details are captured accurately, facilitating a smooth resolution process.

In addition to application forms and petitions, our claim resolution collection includes essential documents that aid in investigations, such as the Agency Claims Investigation document used in Minnesota. This document helps gather comprehensive information relevant to the claim, enabling a thorough evaluation and prompt resolution.

For clients in Washington state, we have developed the Form F240-007-000 Claim Resolution Settlement Income and Expense Worksheet. This document assists in calculating the financial aspects of the claim settlement, ensuring that all income and expense details are accurately recorded and considered during the resolution process.

Navigate through our user-friendly website to access these and other valuable claim resolution documents. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to search and download the documents you need to facilitate a seamless resolution process.

At our claim resolution center, we understand the importance of resolving claims promptly and fairly. Our extensive collection of documents, tailored to different states and claim types, ensures that you have all the tools necessary to navigate the complexities of the claim resolution process. Trust in our expertise and resources to achieve a satisfactory resolution for all parties involved.




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This document is a petition for settlement in the state of Montana. It is used for cases involving personal injury or occupational disease that have been closed on an accepted claim.

This type of document relates to the investigation of claims by an agency in the state of Minnesota. It is used to gather information and determine the validity of the claims being made.

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