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When it comes to managing your taxes and ensuring compliance with the law, having a reliable tax agency by your side is essential. A tax agency, also known as a tax authority, is responsible for overseeing tax-related matters and providing valuable resources to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

At the heart of the tax agency's offerings are various documents that help address different tax-related needs. For instance, if you're looking to authorize a reporting agent, you may come across forms like the IRS Form 8655 Reporting Agent Authorization. This form allows individuals to grant permission to a designated agent to handle their tax reporting on their behalf.

Similarly, if you need to establish a fiduciary relationship, IRS Form 56 Notice Concerning Fiduciary Relationship is the go-to document. This form notifies the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about the existence of a fiduciary relationship and ensures that the tax matters of the beneficiary are appropriately handled.

For those in Ohio, the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) Employment Application is a crucial document. RITA serves as the tax agency for Ohio jurisdictions, helping candidates apply for employment opportunities within the agency.

Other tax agencies, such as the Illinois Department of Revenue, provide instructions and forms like Form IL-2848, IL-2848-A, IL-2848-B to enable taxpayers to appoint tax agents who can act on their behalf.

In Los Angeles County, California, taxpayers may encounter Form EXM-202 Authorization of Tax Agent or Agency Substitution Form for Assessment, Property Tax, or Appeals Matters. This document allows individuals to authorize a tax agent or agency to represent them in matters relating to assessment, property tax, or appeals.

Whether you're an individual seeking assistance with your personal taxes, a business owner looking to navigate complex tax regulations, or an organization requiring specialized tax services, the tax agency is your trusted partner. By providing comprehensive resources and an array of documents tailored to different tax-related needs, the tax agency ensures that you have access to the support you need to fulfill your tax obligations.




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This is a fiscal statement prepared by a person or organization to tell the government about the fiduciary arrangement that was formed with them serving as a fiduciary.

This document is the employment application for the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) in Ohio.

This Form is used for authorizing a tax agent or agency to act on behalf of a taxpayer in matters related to assessment, property tax, or appeals in Los Angeles County, California.

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