Employment Claim Templates

Are you an employer who needs help with an employment claim? Look no further! Our document knowledge system is here to assist you with your employment claim needs. Whether you need guidance on filling out employment claim forms or you're seeking information on the process of filing a claim, we have the resources you need to navigate through this often complex and time-consuming process.

Our collection of documents includes a variety of resources that can help employers like you with employment claims. For instance, our Form RTS-8 Firm's Statement of Claimant's Work and Earnings provides a comprehensive overview of the information and documentation you'll need to gather to support your claim. If you require instructions for completing specific forms, such as the DLSE Form 1 Initial Report or Claim, we have you covered with detailed instructions tailored to various languages, including Korean and Tagalog.

We also understand that mistakes can happen, and sometimes erroneous payments of contributions may occur. In such cases, our Form UC-9 Employer's Claim for Credit or Refund can guide you through the process of seeking a credit or refund due to an erroneous payment of contributions.

If you're facing a wage dispute, our Form MW-31A Wage Claim can help you gather the necessary information to support your claim in the state of New Jersey.

With our comprehensive collection of employment claim resources, we aim to make the process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. We understand the importance of staying informed and equipped to handle employment claims, and we're here to assist you every step of the way.




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This Form is used for filing a statement of claimant's work and earnings by a firm in Florida.

This document is used to file an initial report or claim with the DLSE (Department of Labor Standards Enforcement) in California. This specific form is in Tagalog.

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