Head Circumference Templates

Head Circumference, also referred to as cranial circumference, is a crucial measurement used in various fields to assess growth and development. This measurement is particularly essential in pediatrics, where it helps monitor the progression of an infant's head size over time. Additionally, head circumference is also relevant in sports equipment sizing, such as football helmets and baseball caps.

Our collection of documents provides a comprehensive resource on head circumference, featuring growth charts, size charts for helmets and caps, and pediatric assessment sheets. Whether you are a parent tracking your child's growth, a healthcare professional monitoring infant development, or a sports enthusiast looking for the perfect fit, our documents offer valuable information and guidance.

With the Who Boys Growth Chart, you can easily track your baby boy's head circumference percentiles from birth to 2 years of age. This chart helps you understand how your child's head size compares to that of other boys his age.

For athletes, our football helmet size chart by Xenith provides detailed guidelines on helmet sizes based on head circumference. This ensures a proper fit and optimal protection during the game. Similarly, our baseball cap size chart by Oztj offers size recommendations for caps based on head circumference, guaranteeing a comfortable and snug fit.

Pediatric assessment sheets are another valuable resource within our collection, providing healthcare professionals with a standardized approach to evaluating head circumference and assessing overall growth and development in children. These documents help identify any abnormalities or delays in head size progression, guiding further diagnostic and intervention plans if necessary.

Whether you are a parent, healthcare professional, or sports enthusiast, our collection of documents on head circumference is a valuable tool to ensure accurate measurements, proper sizing, and comprehensive evaluation. Stay informed and make educated decisions using the wealth of information available in our head circumference documents.




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This document provides a growth chart for boys, tracking head circumference for age from birth to 2 years. The chart provides percentiles to help track a child's growth and development.

This document is a Boys Growth Chart specifically for head circumference during the first 13 weeks of life. It shows the percentiles for head circumference at different ages.

This document provides a growth chart for boys, specifically focusing on head circumference measurements from birth to 5 years old. The chart shows percentiles indicating typical ranges of head size for different ages.

This document provides a growth chart for girls from birth to 36 months, specifically focusing on head circumference. The chart includes percentile ranges (3rd - 97th) to help track and monitor a child's head growth.

This document provides a football helmet size chart for Xenith helmets, with five steps to help you find the right fit for your head.

This document provides a hat size chart specifically designed for Flexfit hats, helping you find the perfect fit for your head.


This document provides a size chart for baseball hats, helping individuals choose the right size for a comfortable fit.

This document provides a hat size chart for women and children. Use it to find the perfect fit for your hat.


This document provides a size chart for baseball caps, ensuring you select the right fit for your head.

This document provides a hat size chart for New Era brand hats. It helps determine the correct hat size based on head circumference.


This document is used for recording a child's medical history and assessing their overall health and development. It includes information about the child's vaccinations, growth measurements, and any existing medical conditions or concerns.

This document provides a sizing chart for determining the correct helmet size from Armor Express.

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