Free Football Size Chart Templates

Football Size Chart: What Is It? 

A Football Size Chart refers to a list of measurements that specify the size of a football uniform. If you work for a football apparel shop or design sportswear for mass production, you can save yourself time and money by developing a range of sizes for all customers - the purchasers will find the goods that fit them and you will not deal with endless refunds.

You can see a full list of Football Size Chart templates by checking out our library below. Learn more about the size chart to start selling football uniforms and equipment:

  1. Generally, this chart looks like a simple table that lists the sizes of clothing items - from XS to XXL and higher. Give the customer information about the measurements - for example, a football jersey can be described by the inches referring to circumferences of chest, waist, and shoulder. The weight and height may be indicated for the uniform the children will use.
  2. If you are selling football apparel online, consider adding a link to the table with the sizes of every product page for the convenience of a customer. A sketch or illustration that demonstrates the main parts of the uniform - jersey, pants, cleats, shoulder pads - and records the measurements that determine the size chart will allow your clients to compare the items you are offering with the clothes they already own.
  3. While you are focusing on the main parts of the uniform, give your clients an opportunity to purchase the rest of the gear necessary to play football - shin pads, socks, and helmets. All these items should be sorted into categories by age and size - describe the use of every product after sharing information about its measurements to reach your target customers effectively.

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