Florida Notice of Commencement Form Templates

Florida Notice of Commencement forms are used to provide public notice when construction work is about to begin on a property in the state of Florida. This document is typically filed by property owners or contractors to inform interested parties, such as subcontractors, suppliers, and lenders, of the commencement of a construction project. The purpose of this form is to protect the rights of these interested parties by ensuring that they have the necessary information to file and enforce their liens or claims for payment in the event of non-payment by the property owner.




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This Form is used for initiating construction projects in Volusia County, Florida. It helps inform the county authorities about the start of a new construction project and includes details such as the property owner, contractor, and project description.

This document is used to notify Collier County, Florida, of the start of a construction project.

This Form is used for notifying the commencement of a construction project in the state of Florida. It contains nine points of information required by the state.

This form is used for submitting a Notice of Commencement in Sarasota County, Florida. It is relevant for individuals or businesses initiating construction projects or improvements on their property.


This form is used to notify the public that a construction project is starting in the state of Florida. It includes important information such as the project address, contractor’s name, and project owner's contact information.

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