Free Gingerbread Man Templates

What Is a Gingerbread Man?

A Gingerbread Man is a homemade item in the shape of a human being made out of handicraft materials or edible ingredients - most often this concept refers to a biscuit baked for a celebration or gathering of friends and colleagues.

While this cookie is regularly featured in winter holidays, there is no requirement to decorate a Christmas Gingerbread Man in December only - you may draw a painting or bake some cookies for other festivities and occasions; moreover, you should use your imagination and work on homemade gifts with a Gingerbread Man outline when congratulating your family member or friend - kids especially enjoy small delicacies and hand-painted toys.

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How to Draw a Gingerbread Man?

Celebrate Christmas and other holidays with other adults and children with the help of a Gingerbread Man as a basic decorative element:

  1. The basis of the sketch is quite simple - an outline of a person with a round bald head, two arms, and two legs. There is no need to add specific details - even facial features, fingers, or toes are not necessary at first. The rest of the template should be unique whether you are painting it on your own or asking someone else to help you out with decorating the interior or exterior of your place.
  2. Make a plain Gingerbread Man template to entertain your own children or students attending kindergarten or elementary school. You can use several sheets of paper and draw a stylized caricature of a man (or print out multiple identical copies of the Gingerbread man) and distribute them among the young kids. Their job will be to color the template with utmost care - once the drawings are ready, put them in the classroom or your kids' bedroom or take a vote to choose the most successful depiction of a Gingerbread Man.
  3. Note that you do not have to limit yourself to a set of Gingerbread Men if you are cooking or making handmade decorations for your house - you can also use a Gingerbread Girl Template to add some variety to the dining table or to the look of your home. The basis of the pattern is the same (however, you can make smaller drawings if you are depicting kids in contrast to adults - these are often random characters or you can try to portray your family members) - the details can change: with crayons and paint you may draw eyelashes, rosy cheeks, bows, and longer hair that would indicate it is a Gingerbread Girl. If you want to make your templates even more diverse, draw girls in skirts and men in pants or shorts - or use distinct colors that in your mind associate with different genders.

How to Make a Gingerbread Man?

There are numerous Gingerbread Man decorating ideas you may implement when getting your house or apartment ready for the festivities - whether you excel in the kitchen or want to display your handicraft talents:

  1. Create an entire family of Gingerbread people out of thick material and use stencils to bake delicious cookies. At first, a drawing on the sheet of paper is enough to serve as a basis for a metal or plastic stencil that becomes a cookie-cutter you will be able to use again and again. Homemade or store-bought dough and icing are all you need as long as you follow the oven user manual and let the biscuits cool down before decorating them to your liking!
  2. Make small gift tags to attach to presents. Whether you are participating in Secret Santa or working on numerous gifts at once, tags in the shape of a Gingerbread Man or the ones that feature this familiar symbol would look good and save you money.
  3. One of the best Gingerbread Man ideas is to invite other people to prepare proper decor with you - after all, the point of the holidays is to spend time together and gladly participate in activities like this one. Cut out images of the main pattern and work on a garland to put above the fireplace or hang on the wall in the living room during the festivities.

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This document provides a template for cutting out a Gingerbread Man shape, typically used for crafts and baking.

This document provides a template for creating gingerbread men. Use it to make six gingerbread men for your holiday baking.

This template can be used to create two gingerbread men for holiday baking or crafts.

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