Fill and Sign DD 2715 Forms

What Is DD Form 2715 Series?

The DD Form 2715 Series is a set of reports used within the correctional system of the U.S. Army for purposes of clemency, restoration to duty, parole, or other related actions. The series consists of four forms in total: DD Form 2715, DD Form 2715-1, DD Form 2715-2, and DD Form 2715-3. All forms are reviewed by the Army Clemency and Parole Board (ACPB) along with the prisoner's parole statement and letters of application for restoration or reenlistment.

Prisoners who refused or were denied parole by the ACPB may request parole again prior to the next annual eligibility date.




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This is a document used by the U.S. Army correctional system to make a request for return to duty, consideration for preliminary parole or clemency.

This document is used by the U.S. Army correctional system for purposes of compiling and presenting information about a prisoner and their offense.

This form is used by Confinement facility disposition boards to provide clemency and parole recommendations to the Clemency and Parole Boards concerned.

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