Mississippi Public Service Commission Forms

The Mississippi Public Service Commission is responsible for regulating and overseeing various public service industries in the state of Mississippi. This includes overseeing and regulating utility companies such as electricity, natural gas, water, and telecommunications providers. The commission ensures that these services are provided in a safe, reliable, and affordable manner for the residents of Mississippi. Additionally, the commission also regulates certain intrastate transportation services.




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This type of document, called a Surety Bond, is used in the state of Mississippi. It is an agreement that provides financial assurance to the recipient in case the bonded individual or company fails to fulfill their obligations.

This form is used to provide official notice of intent to change rates in the state of Mississippi.

This Form is used to notify the public of an intention to establish new rates in the state of Mississippi.


This notice is used to inform residents and businesses in Mississippi about upcoming construction projects in their area. It provides important information about the duration, scope, and potential impacts of the project.

This document allows individuals in Mississippi to designate an operator for a particular purpose. It serves as an official statement under oath.

This Form is used for registering to opt out of receiving telephone solicitations in Mississippi.

This document is an annual report required from wireless companies in Mississippi that are designated as Eligible Telecommunications Carriers (ETCs). It provides information on their services and compliance with state regulations.

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