Department of Public Works - County of San Diego, California Forms

The Department of Public Works in the County of San Diego, California is responsible for the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of public infrastructure within the county. This includes roads, bridges, parks, buildings, and other facilities that serve the residents and businesses of San Diego County. The department also manages waste management activities and oversees special event permits within the county.




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This Form is used for conducting a stormwater site inspection for construction activities in San Diego County, California.

This document is a stormwater intake form that is required for all permit applications in the County of San Diego, California. It is used to gather information about the stormwater management plans for construction or development projects.

This document is for requesting a pre-application meeting with the County of San Diego in California to discuss the conceptual design and grading plan for an improvement project.

This document is a checklist for the County of San Diego in California to help residents plan and improve private roads. It provides the necessary information and steps to follow for road improvement projects.

This form is used for creating an E Waste Management Plan in San Diego County, California, for events with over 2,000 attendees per day. It helps ensure proper disposal of electronic waste generated during the event.

This document is an application for a special event permit in San Diego County, California. It is used when organizing an event and requires approval from the county.

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