Queensland Murri Court Forms

The Queensland Murri Court is a specialized court system in Queensland, Australia that aims to address the overrepresentation of Indigenous Australians in the criminal justice system. It focuses on providing culturally appropriate support and tailored justice responses to Indigenous defendants. The court aims to promote healing, rehabilitation, and community involvement, with the goal of reducing recidivism rates among Indigenous offenders. It provides a more inclusive and culturally sensitive approach to justice for Indigenous people involved in the criminal justice system.




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This document provides information on court attendance and submission details in Queensland, Australia. It outlines the requirements and procedures for attending court and submitting documents.


This document is used for providing information about the defendant's background and circumstances to assist in determining an appropriate sentence in a Queensland, Australia court case.

This document is used in Queensland, Australia to collect information from defendants in a legal case. It is a questionnaire that defendants fill out to provide relevant information regarding their case.


This document is used to determine eligibility for the Murri Court program in Queensland, Australia. It assesses whether an individual meets the criteria to participate in the court program designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander defendants.

This document is a progress report for Murri Court service providers in Queensland, Australia. It outlines the progress made in providing support and services to Indigenous Australians involved in the criminal justice system.

This document is a report used in the Murri Court system in Queensland, Australia. It provides information about an individual's entry into the Murri Court program.

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