Contact Agreement Templates

A contact agreement, also known as a post-adoption contact agreement or aftercare contact agreement, is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of ongoing communication and interaction between individuals or parties involved in an adoption. These agreements provide a framework for establishing and maintaining a relationship between the adoptive family and the birth family or other significant individuals in an adopted individual's life.

In jurisdictions such as New York, Kansas, Virginia, and Washington, specific forms are used to formalize these agreements. The Form 14-A Order of Incorporation of Post-adoption Contact Agreement in New York, the Form PPS3070 Aftercare Contact Agreement in Kansas, the Form 032-02-0658-00-ENG Post Adoption Contact and Communication Agreement in Virginia, the Form DOC05-686 Chaperone/Supervisor of Contact Agreement of Responsibilities, and the Form DOC05-686ES Chaperone/Supervisor of Contact Agreement of Responsibilities in Washington are just a few examples.

These contact agreements play a crucial role in maintaining connections and preserving important relationships within the adoption process. They help ensure that the needs and well-being of the adopted individual are met by providing a structured and agreed-upon plan for ongoing contact between involved parties.

By establishing clear terms and expectations, contact agreements promote transparency, communication, and respect among all parties involved. They provide a means for open dialogue, sharing of information, and even visitation or other forms of contact when deemed appropriate and beneficial for the adopted individual.

Whether you're seeking to create a post-adoption contact agreement, aftercare contact agreement, or any other form of ongoing communication plan, it's essential to understand the legal requirements and considerations specific to your jurisdiction. Contact agreements can provide peace of mind and create a supportive network that benefits all parties involved in an adoption journey.




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This form is used for obtaining an order of incorporation for a post-adoption contact agreement in the state of New York. It allows parties involved in an adoption to establish and enforce an agreement for post-adoption contact between the birth parents, adoptive parents, and the adopted child.

This document is used for an aftercare contact agreement in Kansas. It outlines the terms and conditions for maintaining communication after a specific event or program.

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