Industry Report Templates

An Industry Report is a comprehensive analysis and overview of a specific sector or market. This collection of documents provides valuable insights and data on various aspects of the industry, helping businesses, investors, and policymakers make informed decisions.

Also known as an Industry Analysis, Market Report, or Sector Overview, this collection includes a range of reports and forms that delve into the details of the industry. These documents are designed to capture key information such as market trends, growth opportunities, challenges, and regulatory requirements.

Whether you're a business owner looking to assess the competitive landscape, an investor seeking to evaluate market potential, or a government agency aiming to understand industry dynamics, the Industry Report collection is a valuable resource. With detailed instructions and guidelines included, it assists in completing forms such as the Form EIA-861S Annual Electric Power Industry Report (Short Form) and the Form EIA-861M Monthly Electric Power Industry Report.

By studying the Industry Report, you gain access to crucial data and statistics that can be used for market research, strategic planning, policy formulation, and more. Stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments, identify growth opportunities, and make informed decisions with the help of this comprehensive collection of documents.




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This Form is used for submitting an annual report on the electric power industry. It is a shorter version of the EIA-861 report.

This form is used for collecting annual data on the electric power industry in the United States. It provides information on electricity generation, sales, and consumption, as well as utility and customer-level data.

This Form is used for submitting the Annual Electric Power Industry Report, providing information about the electric power industry in the United States. The form includes instructions on how to fill out and submit the report.

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