Form WT-4A 2018 Worksheet for Employee Witholding Agreement (W-234) - Wisconsin

Form WT-4A is a Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction form also known as the "Worksheet For Employee Witholding Agreement (w-234)". The latest edition of the form was released in December 1, 2017 and is available for digital filing.

Download an up-to-date Form WT-4A in PDF-format down below or look it up on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Forms website.


Form WT-4A
Worksheet For Employee Witholding Agreement
1. Filing Status:
A. Single
C. Married, expect to file a separate Wisconsin tax return
Check one box
B. Married, expect to file a joint Wisconsin tax return
D. Head of Household
2. Estimated 2018 Wisconsin income.
(Caution: Before entering an amount, see the instructions for line 2 on the
reverse side. Include your income and your spouse's income if you checked filing status "B".)
3. Estimated standard deduction and exemptions.
(See instructions for line 3 and Standard Deduction Schedules on the
reverse side. Use the schedule that corresponds with filing status checked. Part-year and nonresidents must prorate.)
4. Estimated taxable income.
(Subtract line 3 from line 2.)
5. Estimated gross tax.
(See Tax Rate Schedules on the reverse side. Use the schedule that corresponds with filing status checked.)
6. Estimated credits.
(See line 6 instructions on the reverse side.)
7. Estimated net tax liability for 2018.
(Subtract line 6 from line 5. If the amount on line 6 exceeds the amount on line 5, enter zero.)
8. Amount previously withheld and amount paid by Wisconsin Estimated Income Tax Voucher for 2018.
(If you checked filing status “B”, include amounts for both yourself and your spouse.)
9. Amount which will be withheld from spouse's wages during the balance of 2018.
(Complete this line only if you checked filing status “B”.)
10. Remaining amount to be withheld from your wages.
(Add lines 8 and 9 and subtract the total from the amount shown
on line 7. Enter here and on line 1 of WT-4A agreement below.)
Employee Witholding Agreement
Employee's Last Name
First Name and Initial
This agreement
April 30, 2019
expires on:
(Calendar year filers)
(Fiscal year filers see instr.)
Social Security Number
Employer's Name
Employee's Address (Number and Street)
Employer's Address (Number and Street)
City, State and Zip Code
City, State and Zip Code
EMPLOYEE – File a copy of this
1. Remaining amount to be withheld.
(From line 10 of employee withholding worksheet
agreement and the above work-
sheet with your employer and,
within 10 days, send a copy to:
2. Remaining number of payroll periods for 2018.
(Obtain this figure from
your employer.)
Wis. Dept. of Revenue
PO Box 8906
3. Amount to be withheld each payroll period.
(Divide line 1 by the number of
Madison WI 53708-8906
payroll periods entered on line 2.)
EMPLOYER – Retain this agree-
I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief the information contained in this agreement is true, correct and complete.
ment in your files. The amount
on line 3 should be withheld
from the employee's wages each
payroll period rather than the
amount determined from the
(Signature of employee)
Wis. Withholding Tax Guide.
Who may use this form for 2018
Form WT-4 (or federal Form W-4) with your employer and claiming an
increased number of exemptions. If you are claiming the maximum number
Form WT-4A may be filed by an employee who determines that the amount
of exemptions allowed and your withholding is still more than your estimated
withheld from his or her wages will be more than the employee's estimated
net tax liability for 2018, you should file Form WT-4A.
net tax liability for 2018. Form WT-4A is an agreement between the employee
and employer that a lesser amount will be withheld from the employee's
Note: If you incurred no Wisconsin income tax liability for 2017 and
wages than is provided for in the Wisconsin income tax withholding tables.
anticipate no liability for 2018, you may claim complete exemption from
Wisconsin income tax withholding on Form WT-4.
Before filing Form WT-4A, you should first determine if your withholding
can be reduced a sufficient amount by claiming the maximum number of
More than one employer
exemptions allowed on Form WT-4, “Employee's Wisconsin Withholding
Exemption Certificate” (or on federal Form W-4, “Employee's Withholding
If you are employed by more than one employer, you may file an Employee
Allowance Certificate”) which you completed when you started employment
Withholding Agreement (Form WT-4A) with each employer, provided that
with your employer. If you are not claiming the maximum number of
the total amount withheld by all employers approximates your anticipated
exemptions allowed, you may decrease your withholding by filing a new
income tax liability for 2018.
W-234 (R. 12-17)

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