Instructions Form Stc 12:32i - Industrial Business Property Return 2018


SCHEDULE A. Machinery and Equipment, Furniture and Fixtures, Leasehold Improvements, Computer Equipment – Summarize by
Year of Acquisition.
Report all property owned on July 1, 2017. The acquisition cost should include the original cost, freight, installation costs, trade-
ins and all other associated costs. Rolling stock and lift trucks are to be listed in Schedule I. If leasehold improvements are reported,
please include brief description of the items to assure they are not valued as part of the real property. This section must be
completed in its entirety ~ simply attaching a listing will not be sufficient.
West Virginia Chapter 11, Article 6J provides that the value of services and tangible property directly used in a high-technology
business or in an internet advertising business shall be its salvage value. The terms “High-technology business” and “Internet advertising
business” are defined in West Virginia Code §11-15-9h. In order to be eligible to receive salvage valuation treatment the primary
business activity of the company must be High-technology or Internet advertising. If you have reported equipment on “Schedule A”
which you believe to qualify, please enter the dollar value of the property at 100 percent of acquisition cost.
SCHEDULE B. Inventory, Materials, Finished Goods, Consigned Inventory, Supplies.
List each category by acquisition cost as of July 1, 2017. If the owner’s value is different from the acquisition cost, please
explain the differences. If you have goods located at your facility but owned by another, i.e., on consignment, please list the owner’s
name, address and estimated acquisition cost. Detailed information must accompany any request for Freeport Exemption of
inventory. At a minimum, the following information should accompany the request; the inventory type (i.e., finished goods, goods-in-
process, etc.), a detailed inventory list, the physical location of said inventory as of July 1, 2017, the point of final destination as
determined effective July 1, 2017, and an explanation why, in your opinion, stated inventory should be exempted. Only finished goods
will be considered for Freeport Exemption. Failure to submit the above requested information will result in a recommendation of
denial of the Freeport Exemption.
SCHEDULE C. Machinery, Equipment and Fixtures in Process of Installation.
List all costs associated with machinery and equipment and fixtures in the process of installation or production as of July 1,
2017. The acquisition cost is to include the original cost, freight, trade-ins and other associated costs.
SCHEDULE D. Other Personal Property.
List all other property not elsewhere reported. Please list by year of acquisition and acquisition cost.
SCHEDULE E. Incomplete Construction.
Material costs for the buildings, additions, or improvements which are incomplete and hence have not been assessed as real
property must be reported here. A rider must be attached to this statement showing the address of such buildings by year of construction.
SCHEDULE F. Salvage Value Machinery and Equipment.
This is machinery and equipment which has been fully depreciated and is no longer used as part of a production process. Do
not report these items on "Schedule A".
SCHEDULE G. Pollution Control Facilities.
Any owner or taxpayer requesting salvage valuation for machinery or equipment under the authority of West Virginia Code
§ 11-6A-3 must receive approval from the appropriate state agency governing the control of air or water pollution. The approval must
state that the machinery or equipment subject to salvage value consideration is designed, constructed or installed primarily for abating air
or water pollution, and does abate or reduce water or air pollution in compliance with air or water quality standards prescribed under the
laws of this State or the United States. A copy of this approval must accompany the property tax return (STC 12:32I) or the equipment,
apparatus and components must be contained on the approved list of items eligible for salvage treatment under West Virginia Code § 11-
6A-3. A list of the approved pollution abatement control items is available from the Property Tax Division upon request.
SCHEDULE H. Molds, Jigs, Dies, Forms, Patterns and Templates.
West Virginia Code §11-6E-3 provides that for ad valorem property taxation all molds, jigs, dies, forms, patterns, and templates
directly used in the manufacturing process are to be valued at their salvage value which is defined as 5% of original cost or their fair
market salvage value, whichever is less. Please complete the enclosed Worksheet for Molds, Jigs, Dies, Forms, Patterns and Templates.
Those which are directly used in the manufacturing process are to be listed in item 1 (Specialized Manufacturing Production Property).

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