Form FDACS-01795 "Nomination for the Commissioner's Annual Agricultural-Environmental Leadership Award" - Florida

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This is a legal form that was released by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services - a government authority operating within Florida. As of today, no separate filing guidelines for the form are provided by the issuing department.

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FDACS-01795 Rev. 12/14
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FDACS-01795 Rev. 12/14
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Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Office of External Affairs
Phone (850) 617-7700
The Commissioner’s Agricultural-Environmental Leadership Award program annually
recognizes Florida agriculturalists who are in the forefront of developing and adopting
environmentally innovative farming practices. Since 1994, this program has helped highlight the
efforts of the state’s growers and ranchers. Publicly acknowledging the efforts of these award
winners illuminates Florida agriculture’s dedication to preserving the environment and
conserving natural resources while helping ensure a continuing supply of food and fiber. The
Commissioner’s Agricultural-Environmental Leadership Award selection process begins with
this nomination form. Nominees are then judged by an independent committee that includes
representatives from major agricultural groups, environmental groups and government agencies.
This form can be used to nominate your operation or that of a colleague.
Environmental Practices to be Considered
The following environmental practices will be considered in judging the nominations. The
nominations may cover one or a combination of the following activities.
Wildlife Protection and Habitat Conservation
Provide a safe, viable habitat for wildlife within an agricultural operation.
Pesticide/Nutrient Management
Use pesticides/nutrients responsibly, maximizing benefits and minimizing potential adverse
environmental effects.
Water Quality
Preserve or improve water quality within or adjacent to an agricultural operation.
Soil and Water Conservation
Reduce soil erosion, nutrient depletion, and water consumption; and enhance water
Waste Management/Recycling
Reduce waste by recycling agricultural by-products and waste products on site.
FDACS-01795 Rev. 02/18
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Information About the Nominator
Email Address:
Information About the Nominee
Corporate Name:
Email Address:
Total number of people involved in the program/enterprise:
How many years have they been involved in this program/enterprise?
Description of the Program/Enterprise
Provide a detailed description of the program/enterprise in 250 words or less. Describe how it
operates, how it benefits the grower and the environment, and the nominee's involvement.
FDACS-01795 Rev. 02/18
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Supporting Materials
Please include the following:
Completed nomination form
Photo of nominee
If available, please include photographs, newspaper articles, sample illustrations, and other
supporting materials of the nominee's enterprise/program. A video is optional. Do not
send any item that must be returned.
Three letters of recommendation. These letters may be from local government officials,
other growers, technical consultants, association representatives or others familiar with the
program. The typed letters should detail the writer's involvement with the
enterprise/program and his or her knowledge of its history and success.
Judging Criteria
The enterprise/program will be judged according to the following criteria. Explain how the
enterprise/program meets each of these criteria. Address each criterion as fully as possible in 250
words or less.
Environmental Benefits (20 percent)
Detail the environmental benefits of the enterprise/program, how it conserves, protects or
restores resources, mitigates negative impacts and improves environmental quality.
Best Management Practices Program Participation (20 percent)
Detail the landowner’s participation in the FDACS BMP program. These landowners
should describe the nature of their participation and whether they are in good standing in
regard to implementation and maintenance of the applicable BMPs.
Economic Viability (20 percent)
Detail how the enterprise/program benefits the business, and how it can be sustained within
a viable agricultural operation. Compare net costs with net savings or benefits.
Ability to Replicate (20 percent)
Explain how the enterprise/program can be replicated by other growers. Does the program
have applications for many growers or for a specialized few? How widely could the
practices be adopted? Does the enterprise/program offer broad benefits to the agriculture
Regulatory vs. Voluntary (10 percent)
Indicate whether the enterprise/program was self-initiated or mandated by federal and/or
state law. If the program was mandated, indicate whether the enterprise/landowner took
steps beyond those that were required.
FDACS-01795 Rev. 02/18
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Innovation/Leadership (10 percent)
Indicate how the program uses new approaches or technologies, or a new combination or
application of existing approaches or technologies. Indicate any participation in research
and community educational programs promoting natural resource protection or the use of
these practices.
Send Completed Nomination Form to:
Clay Hollis, Director
Office of External Affairs
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
400 South Monroe Street, The Capitol - PL 10
Tallahassee, FL 32399
(850) 617-7700
Submission Deadline
The deadline for submitting nominations is April 1.
FDACS-01795 Rev. 02/18
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